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3D Digital Models

Creative Interiors uses state-of-the-art technology to scan space and create computerized drawings and 3D models to visually explore innovative design options. We can “work the bugs out” of difficult or challenging designs on paper and finalize plans and details prior to construction for cost-effective planning, saving time, materials, and labor.  Clear visuals for communicating eliminate confusion for clients, contractors, and suppliers and eliminate costly errors. Clients can move confidently through the project process with a shared vision and realistic expectations.


For commercial design projects, the 3D Modeling Service is frequently used to create visual presentation boards for obtaining project costs, funding, board approval, and zoning and building permits.

2 Story Addition

Feasibility Study

This riverside house is home to a family of 6 active members. The changing family needs caused them to explore the possibility of a two-story addition which would add a larger master bath to the second story and a four-season cozy room to the main level. We developed a 3D model of the proposed addition for consideration and project cost estimates. The clients decided that going forward with this project would outprice their home for its neighborhood and chose to rework existing space and storage on the second story and add only the cozy room to the main level. They believe that exploring their options with a 3D model was a wise investment.   

"Carol has a way of assimilating all my wants and needs into a comprehensive design. She blends both function and style. I have worked with other designers in the past and Carol stands above all others. She does not push me in a direction but gives me many options. She understands that home is a place where you live and make memories. It is a joy working with her team." Mary

Masonic Pathways

Resident Room Marketing

3D model images are used in marketing materials for prospective new residents to show the possibilities for furnishing these newly updated rooms. Creating a physical model room is not necessary and saves resources.  

Complete Renovation

Feasibility Study

As is often the case in old, waterfront cottages, this home was an original small cottage with 2 additions by different previous owners. The current owner was ready to also construct an addition. They desired to completely rework and reorder the current space and integrate the new space. We were able to show several options by revising the plans digitally which were then considered and discussed with their building contractor for cost estimating and feasibility. 

Church Update 

For Funding and Approval

This mid-Michigan church located in a country setting needed updating and repairs. The rendered digital images we created were successfully used in a slide presentation to share the vision with the congregation for the approval and funding of the project. 

Built-In Designs

For Construction

We often use 3D Modeling to design and produce construction drawings for built-in shelving, cabinetry, fireplaces, and stairways. Detail models in their intended spaces allow clients to visualize the end result. Tradesmen can estimate and fabricate from our work orders with accuracy.  

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